Luxuriously bohemian - and such is the collection of Mango Spring 2015

Women's Clothing

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Women’s clot­hing’ category is for all the modern girls and women who want to be deeply involved in the world of fashion, fashion brands, designers and the newest trends that help them look stylish and feel attractive.

The desire for ideal women’s clothes is never-ending. However, there is not such a piece marked ‘the right one’. Trends are changing all the time, combinations of different styles either impress or shock us, clothing stores change their shiny offers and come up with more and more fascinating, new clothes, shoes and dress accessories. And what about us, girls and women? We cannot help ourselves! We want them all!

In Fashion Level, we are trying to compare all of these beautiful pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories. We want to clear up this strong, out-of-control ‘mania of crazy shopping’ and give you the best choice of women’s wear. Besides we inform you about currently running fashion weeks and fashion shows and provide you the news from carefully chosen clothes shops.

Enjoy browsing this category full of interesting information and pictures that will catch your eye!

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