Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010

Women's Sunglasess - Trends 2010

August 18, 2010, Sunglasses 2012

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Different Faces Different Eyewear

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Which accessories can show your mood and feelings better than sunglasses? Eyes are the window to our soul but is it not sometimes better to hide them after a huge summer party? The main question is: which frames fit your face best? Before you buy a pair of sunglasses do not forget to check your wallet and the shape of your face. There are 4 basic shapes – Oval, Round, Square and Heart.

Oval Shaped Face

Lucky You! Your facial proportions are balanced and you can choose from a variety of sunglasses. You can play with your wear-what-you-want face! Set your fantasy free and you will look great, undoubtedly!

Round Shaped Face

To become a sexy beach diva is so easy for you! The best frames are those with angular shape that will emphasize your face. Kate Winslet and Kirsten Dunst will help you to choose the right ones so just follow them in summer 2010!

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Square Shaped Face

Rounded sunglasses! Go for them because their shape will make your face look great. You can choose for example from Ray Ban collection which is very trendy especially this summer. However there are other options – what about Dolce & Gabbana Summer Collection 2010?

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Heart Shaped Face

This very special type of face enables you to wear the aviator style. Everyone wants to wear this type of sunglasses but your are the only one who can really afford to do so without looking strange and ridiculously. Just follow Cheryl Cole or Jennifer Aniston star style and you will look great!

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Hollywood Star Coming Soon

Concerning sunglasses you do not have to follow the rules with – you can choose colourful frames and colourful glasses without feeling bad! Your suntanned face will get the outstanding look if you let your frames to be red, green, pink, yellow or let’s say blue. Do not hesitate to try the funny RETRO style which will make your face look happy anytime!

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Gold and silver frames are the sign of exclusivity! Being posh is nothing you should be afraid of! Remember Carrie in Sex and the City 2 wearing those chick gold aviator sunglasses? There was no doubt Mr. Big would still be in love with her!

Women's  Sunglasess - Trends 2010 (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Designers decided to stay on earth this summer and they have chosen the basic colours such as white and black to dictate the eyewear fashion.

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