Women's Belts - Necessary for any Outfit

Women's Belts - Necessary for any Outfit

September 17, 2010, Accessories, Women's Clothing

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Imagine that you are looking at a mirror, getting ready for a wild party, but you are not satisfied. There is something missing, even if you are already wearing everything you want to wear. How about a belt? *A *belt** is sometimes a forgotten part of an outfit. However, any belt can really style your outfit. Belts have been worn for practical reasons – they tighten waist and make better figure. These days, belts are moving to other parts of a body. We can wear them on the chest, around waist or we can leave them hanging on hips.

Women's Belts - Necessary for any Outfit (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

Wide Belts

wide belt beautifully highlights the thin waist and supports the female body. It has a similar effect as a corset and every man will see it for sure. Look for elastic materials like leatherette, reinforced satin or a wide elastic belt that resists all the movement you make.

Narrow Belts

Narrow belts can serve as an accessory for your elegant dress. Extra long and narrow belts can be wrapped around a body many times and they look stylish. You do not have to be afraid of wearing narrow belts with fancy colours or with noticeable metal clips. However, you have to consider your proportions when buying a belt. Ultra narrow belt can add some pounds.

Empire Belts

Belts that are worn right under the breasts highlight woman’s merits. They should be narrow and simple. Contrasting colors are suitable. These belts should be made out of leather or chamois. Elegant ribbons that are tied in a form of bow-knot look gentle and add girlish look.

Belts on Hips

Low hung belts will surely attract looks at hips. Casually worn hip belts do magical tricks with tunic, dresses and they support low-raised jeans too.

Belts Suitable for Pants

Change your old, one-coloured leather belt for something more fancy and risky that will attract attention. Do not worry to experiment with colours, styles and original clips. There is a wide selection of belts and the right choice will not only help you improve your figure, but will also add a style to your outfit.

Women's Belts - Necessary for any Outfit (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Women's Belts - Necessary for any Outfit (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

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