Carnival Collection Reserved 2014

Carnival Collection Reserved 2014

January 4, 2015, root, Sale & Outlet

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The party collections that they were trying to prepare for this year's celebration of Christmas and New Year's Eve can be classified as a collection Carnival 2014 from a popular fashion brand Reserved. It is just as festive party collection full of clothes that shines and glitters appropriately, full of elegance, but also includes pieces for everyday wear. The lookbook for Carnival 2014 collection, we can see the model Paulina Luna Golunskou next Pawel Binczaka dressed in perfect wearable pieces from this collection, which will certainly suit you as well.

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For women: a seductive and overlooked

And what outfits Carnival collection offers us? For women it is mainly glittering pieces, dotted with sequins or shiny metallic shades. The first option may be a simple beige sweater, which adds a distinctive look party necklace and silver skirt. Unusual choice may be to each party shirt, over which reversed the next top. Light blue and metallic gray to complement each other perfectly and together with a skirt creates a very original and trendy look. Mostly Although, the two shiny pieces in one outfit they are a bit much, but the party and the parties do not have to stick to this rule. Gold metallic silver top and skirt with sequin work together perfectly! And you want to party feel as comfortable as possible? Select shorts instead of a skirt made of artificial leather waist.

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For men: casually as a bow tie

Men's majority party to represent pants and shirts with long sleeves, but do not always act so dull and predictable. How to achieve an elegant and original style party? Choose shirts unusual colors and patterns and do not be afraid to combine! Black and white checkered shirt and a maroon jacket will be a great choice, then adds pizzazz final matching bow tie. Perfectly looks and blue shirt combined with the jacket in a darker shade of blue, this outfit is simple, but very effective. And how to revive a classic white shirt? What must bow tie with polka dots?

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