Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion

December 22, 2014, Accessories, root

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Every autumn and winter are in all kinds of knitted fabrics. Whether it's maxi sweaters, cardigans, winter clothes, all sorts of hats and gloves, this year it will be especially ponchos! This fashionable piece we odkoukali of the Wild West, and especially from Mexico, where we poncho ranked next to cacti, tequila, sombreros, chilli and others between informal ,, national emblems. "

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Poncho this season unveils their fashion shows many leading brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren. Model ponchos from Burberry significantly befriended by celebrities worldwide scale. For example, it wears Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Cara Delevingne and so on. At this extraordinary poncho is particularly interesting that it is equipped with embroidered monograms, so famous stars on them are the initial letters of their names – SJP, OP, RHW and CJD.

If you are a supermodel or a famous movie star, do not despair. Trends can be this year also. Poncho fashion also offer a much more affordable than the British brand Burberry. Surely many of you know fashion brand Zara. Relatively affordable brand offering things at reasonable prices is very abundant selection ponchos. The base stands on the classics. As with all other fashion brands that are primarily ethnic patterns of various provenance, but it will most jacquard. In addition to this classic has in store Zara and unconventional waterproof poncho, although warms up, but it will certainly protect you from rain and snow.

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Zara is refined fashion brand, which has its strict policies. Let's see now, how about u poncho teen brand Bershka. All girls and young women interested in fashion have this fashion brand in the viewfinder, so they definitely offer good news. Ponchos are even a few! It's no surprise that each of them is beautified folk patterns sorts Indian cultures. One of the models is even equipped and hood, which is somewhat unusual, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Very beautiful models ladies ponchos offers French fashion brand Promod. For this company, it was totally expecting, as it has in its collections always the latest trends, without which it can not do any young woman's wardrobe. Ponchos brand Promod directly engrossing and interesting mainly because they are not like everyone else. Nothing can be compared with the ethnic patterning, and would need only to play material, color and cut.

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Another option will ponchos from brand Stradivarius. Rather than ponchos, but this tag interested capes, which are knitted sculptures that have been tossed over her shoulders. They have no fastening, sometimes only undertake and do not dress over her head like a poncho. The feeling is the same. Stradivarius as many competing brands inspired jaquard patterning and also added a fringe topic.

Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Hit of the season! - Poncho Fashion (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Sources: www.polyvore.com www.promod.cz www.zara.com www.stradivarius.com www.bershka.com

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