Iconic handbags that dominated the world!

Iconic handbags that dominated the world!

November 17, 2014, Accessories, Fashion Designers, root, Sunglasses 2012, Women's Clothing

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Birkin Hermes, Louis Vuitton Speedy from or Chanel 2.55, are iconic handbags that will be worn again and again. They handbag designer fashions that are famous around the world. What constitutes the charm of these iconic handbags that you fell in love with the whole world and every woman desires to have at least one in your closet? It's the perfect refinements, the very idea of a woman and elegance. Some of their place in the sun it also made ​​famous woman who could not do without it, others turn has an interesting history as the production itself. If you are considering buying a more expensive handbags that will be timeless, feminine and practical, choose one of the below mentioned handbags, make a mistake and it will be your loyal companion for several years ahead.

Maxi bag or black clutch? This is a common question that we are dealing with, the answer is jednochudá: We love all of them! When choosing a look back not only the quality but also the beauty of it is no wonder that they have at home a million! Only a few of them deserve our exceptional attention and admiration. Introducing the pieces that adorn women for years throughout the world and that never gets old.

Hermes Birkin

It is named after the British actress and singer Jane Birkin. The waiting period for the purchase lasts longer than a year and a production of about 18 hours. It is made from various kinds of skin, has several possible combinations. Price Birkin model ranges 150 000 and 2 500 000th

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Chanel 2.55

It was designed by fashion icon Coco itself in 1955 and today is the symbol of the brand. It is elegant but also practical. Definitely a classic among handbags. Chanel offers several possible sizes, just choose the right one for you.

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Lady Dior

Princess Diana was given the first lady of France, and since then bears the name of Lady D. Bright symbol of high dressmaking. It is an elegant handbag with stitching and pendants with letters DIOR. Closes with a zipper. This handbag has besides two smaller ears to wear on the elbow, a longer strap that can be detached.

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Louis Vuitton Speedy

Another purse that inherently belongs to the TOP tip timeless handbags, Louis Vuitton Speedy is. Beloved actress Audrey Hepburn piece that fits just about everything.

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Prada Galleria

Code name Saffiano! This name refers only to material patented brand Prada. Original name but originated by the Milan store Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net)Longchamp Le mushroom

This handbag meet almost at every step! It is one of the youngest icons and even though the market is only just over 10 years, found their place among the greats. Selection of designs, colors, sizes is endless!

Iconic handbags that dominated the world! (http://www.fashionlevel.net) Source: www.pinterest.com

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