Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear

Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear

February 13, 2011, Underwear

Men went through their lives without it for the time which seems to be an eternity, but now when you try it on, you cannot live without it anymore.

As it is written and said, God created a man, Adam, to stay in Eden with his mate Eva and to be reproducing and living happily ever after. That time even „little Adam“ felt free and ventilated, but since then lots of things have changed.

Nowadays, men are sitting in their tuxedos at important meetings for long hours, sitting at the wheel while driving thousands kilometres to and fro, doing various kinds of dangerous sports, etc. and their genitals are wallowing in wretched conditions. But that is no longer necessary, the innovation of men's underwear comes from Sweden and the Frigomania has launched trough the wide world.

Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear (

Frigo underwear (dry and cool in Latin) was being developed and tested for a period of five years and it is claimed to be friendlier to the men’s body more than organic food and vitamin C. Its inventor, Peter Soderstrom, equipped his underwear with a special pocket where the genitals could be placed to be ventilated and to keep the right temperature. NHL players, NASCAR drivers, Hollywood movie stars and celebrities, etc.; they all ticked the 100% satisfaction ratio and keep asking for more.


The company has more inquireies about their products that they are able to handle, but they keep expanding worldwide to make more and more men healthy and satisfied.

Reach the deligtful place, your paradice, again and enhance your performance in these extreme enviroments we live in.

Some products of FRIGO


Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear (

FRIGO Super Trunk

Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear (


Shape-up! / FRIGO - Men's Smart Underwear (

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