Smell Kenzo Out! / Fragrances for Women by Kenzo

Smell Kenzo Out! / Fragrances for Women by Kenzo

November 28, 2010, Perfumes and Cosmetics

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Do you want other people to tell you how awesome you are and how wonderful you smell? Do you long for being adored not just by men but also by other women? And do you know how to make it happen?! The answer is here – fragrances by Kenzo.

Every woman is different, every girl desires to be original, and we all – no matter the age or style – require our fragrances to be an inseparable part of ourselves. That is why there are so many kinds of scents. Here is the list, choose the right thing for you!

Oriental and Spicy

Perfect for lovers of mandarin, incense smoke, vanilla, rise, caraway, white tea, thanaka wood, cherry blossom, frankincense, pepper, musk and other exotic scents.


Lilac leaves, reed, water lily, white peach, amaryllis, cedar wood, wild mint – anything that brings energy and new blood into your life.


Let gardenia, orange flowers, sweet spices, black currant, grapefruit, rose, cedar, cardamom and white musk take you into the dream world.

 Smell Kenzo Out! / Fragrances for Women by Kenzo (

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