Popular Perfumes / Women's Fragrances

Popular Perfumes / Women's Fragrances

November 20, 2010, Perfumes and Cosmetics

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Are you going to buy a perfume as a Christmas present? Are you totally lost in the big offer of all those pleasant smells? Rely on Fashion Level advice and discover what the most favourite fragrances on current shop counters are! You will not make a mistake if you present your dears with one of these outstanding scents.

Popular Perfumes / Women's Fragrances (http://www.fashionlevel.net)

In the market there is a new fragrance by a successful singer Beyoncé which you can compare with an attractive one by another star Paris Hilton. You may try either feminine Gucci or girly and youthful Dior. If you prefer light and fresh company, choose Dolce & Gabbana or Burberry. Sometimes, it is not so bad to trust the classic, suggestive Chanel.

By clicking on the pictures below, you can find out more information about these certain masterpieces we have mentioned. They definitely deserve your attention!

Heat or Paris Hilton?

Gucci EDP II or Miss Dior Chérie?

Light Blue or Weekend?

Chanel No.5 – Forever Star

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