Socks with Open Shoes

Socks with Open Shoes

August 19, 2010, Shoes & Footwear, Women's Clothing

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As far as I can remember my earliest teenage, experimental fashion combinations, wearing socks plus any kind of open shoes was a big faux pas. Nobody (with at least ‘some’ sense of fashion) would have ever accepted it, even if you had been just throwing rubbish in the bin which was close to your house.

Socks with Open Shoes (

Anyway, times, people, their manners and habits are changing. The truth is that lots of changes are not also kept away from fashion industry, its new clothing variations and determinations of what is IN right now. Thus the big fashion dictators’ announcement for us is: ‘Socks and open shoes can be fashion friends.’

Either you like this idea or not, you can see that nowadays almost everything is possible. Even thinking about this ‘kind of socks+shoes revolution’ could be a little bit funny! So it is up to you and your good choice of suitable combination of clothing that is possible when you explore the content of your closet. Just beware of looking like a crazy clown in your final outfit.

For now, have a look at some famous catwalk photos and recall one the trends of spring and summer 2010. Let’s see if it lasts for a longer time…

Burberry ProrsumOscar de la Renta HermésHermés Christian DiorChloé

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